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Sciatica Relieved with Massage

by Diana Khoury


The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body. It originates in the pelvis and descends down the hip, buttocks, and down the back of each leg.


Dreamclinc wins Best of Citysearch 2013


Dreamclinic wins top prize "Seattle's Best Massage" in The Best of Citysearch 2013!


Dreamclinic has been voted "Seattle's Best Massage" by voters s on Citysearch.com in their annual poll.  

Team Sponsorships and Community Outreach for 2011 and 2012


At Dreamclinic, we support and active lifestyle and believe that there is an inner-athlete in each of us.


In keeping with this, we sponsor several local sports teams each year.  Sponsorship includes discounted or complementary massage sessions as well as social and educational opportunities.  If you are interested in having Dreamclinic sponsor your organization,  please contact us at service@dreamclinic.com.


Dreamclinic Opens Second Massage Clinic in Queen Anne


On April 4th 2011, Dreamclinic opened a new clinic located inside the MarQueen Hotel in Queen Anne.


Dreamclinic Massage Tops Best of Citysearch 2010 again

The incredible Dreamclinic community did it again. Our dearly-beloved clients, business associates, and staff all voted at the end of 2010 for Seattle's Best Massage categories on Best of Citysearch and it spoke volumes!

Have a Stubborn Injury? Cupping Therapy May Help

By Esther Utley, LMP


What is Cupping Therapy?


As the name suggests, Cupping Therapy uses a combination of negative pressure and massage movements with the use of a suction device. Cupping therapy is a Negative Pressure technique that is used to achieve a wide range of responses, ranging from extreme relaxation to therapeutic.

Dreamclinic Sweeps Best of Citysearch 2009

Dreamclinic Best of Citysearch Massage SeattleIn keeping with tradition, this fall, Citysearch once again held voting for Best of Seattle in a variety of Health and Beauty Categories, including a number of massage specialties. 


Acupuncture FAQ


How big are the acupuncture needles?


Acupuncture for Seattle and Redmond

Dreamclinic Massage now offering acupuncture in Seattle and Overlake in Redmond


Dreamclinic Acupuncture Seattle Acupuncture, with a history of more than 3,000 years, is based on the belief that a certain life-force energy (“chi”) flows throughout your body along energy pathways called meridians. When the flow of chi becomes blocked or unbalanced at any point on a pathway this is what leads to illness.


The goal of acupuncture is to unblock and rebalance the flow of chi to stimulate the body’s own ability to return to healthy functioning. To learn more, read the Acupuncture FAQ


 Now accepting many major insurance carriers! 


Classes and Events

Roosevelt Classroom Space is available  for rent:

The Space

The versatile rental space is a 600 square foot (32' X 19') studio space to rent for your next event, class or workshop. Our well-equipped space can be used for anything from exercise and movement workshops to lectures and seminars.


Combatting the Effects of Stress with Massage

by Laura G., LMP


We all know what causes stress and we all know that stress is bad for you. What is less well known is exactly how stress affects your body and how massage reverses the physiological effects of stress.


Myofascial Release for Posture and Chronic Pain

By Laura G., LMP


The Nature of Fascia


Fascia is connective tissue that's made of thin sheets of collagen, the  main protein that supports all of our bodily tisues and organs. This paper thin tissue wraps each muscle fiber, group of fibers, muscle, group of muscles, and lastly each limb. Layers of fascia go from very superficial (directly under the skin) to very deep (inside joint capsules). Regular movement and good hydration keep fascia healthy. When fascia is working correctly, it provides a flexible structural support to your organs and muscles.

Our Fees


New Clients 

Save $20 when on your first visit. Come experience our award-winning massage therapy and enjoy your first 60 minute massage at Dreamclinic for $72. Just mention seeing the discount on our website when making your appointment. This offer is only valid on the initial visit and cannot be used for subsequent visits.


Dreamclinic Massage Seattle Pricing


Massage as Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


What do you do if your doctor tells you that you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)?  Symptoms of CTS include numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand and fingers as well as pain that can radiate up the forearm.  The pain is caused by constant pressure on the median nerve - the main nerve to the hand.  The pressure most often results from swelling or thickening of the wrist tendons due to repetitive wrist movements.  Poor office ergonomics, turning a wrench or using tools all day, playing an instrument, or sleeping in an awkward position can cause or exacerbate CTS.

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When it comes to massage, Seattle leads the way among U.S. cities in terms of the popularity of therapeutic massage and the level of knowledge among Seattle residents about the health benefits of massage. Seattle massage schools are also regarded as among the best in the country, graduating massage therapists that are able to skillfully combine both the relaxation and the treatment aspects of massage.

Dreamclinic is proud to be a Seattle-based massage practice:
- Practicing massage in Seattle allows us to attract to our team some of the top graduates from local massage schools.
- Practicing massage in Seattle allows us to offer a valuable emerging wellness service in a city where it is understood and appreciated.
- Lastly, practicing massage in Seattle allows us to promote the highest standards for the massage profession and to continue to contribute to the general education of the population about massage.

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