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Massage Improves Well-Being of Seniors

by Diana Khoury

The first members of the baby boomer generation are now reaching age 65, and every day almost 2000 more become eligible for retirement.1 By 2030, the number of people over 65 in the U.S. is expected to double, thus seniors will account for nearly 20% of the population.2 This shift to an older U.S. population, in addition to longer life expectancies, presents the challenge of preventing and managing age-related disease and disability.

Athletes Choose Acupuncture to Treat Injuries and Boost Performance

by Diana Khoury

Athletes of many stripes are turning to acupuncture for an effective method of injury treatment and prevention. Professional football players from the ranks of the New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings, San Diego Chargers and more have embraced acupuncture to manage pain, speed injury recovery, and achieve peak physical performance in their sport. A review of research studies on the use of acupuncture in sports confirms its efficacy at increasing muscle strength and power in athletes.1

Effectively Manage Diabetes with Massage and Acupuncture

by Diana Khoury

In the U.S., approximately 25.8 million people are diabetic, and this number continues to rise.1 Most of us know someone with diabetes who copes with managing the disease’s symptoms and side effects on a daily basis.

Dreamclinic Sponsors Blue Rooster Cycling for the 2014 Season


Dreamclinic is proud to sponsor Blue Rooster Cycling for the 2014 season as part of our commitment to community wellness.

Good Posture is a Positive Indicator of Health

by Diana Khoury

A common phrase heard throughout childhood is, “Sit up straight!” This postural reminder makes regular appearances in the classroom, at the dinner table and is a ubiquitous presence through middle and high school. The continual postural encouragement is dispensed to encourage healthy growth and function of the body, as well as a projection of self-confidence from the individual.

Massage Supports Mothers through Pregnancy and Beyond

by Diana Khoury

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through changes in physical form, structure, and internal function. While preparing for this important life change, pregnant women need physical and emotional support and are seeking it more often in the form of bodywork.

Fascia May Be the Missing Piece for Your Lingering Injury

by Julia Lucas
Originally published June 10, 2011 in Running Times

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When it comes to massage, Seattle leads the way among U.S. cities in terms of the popularity of therapeutic massage and the level of knowledge among Seattle residents about the health benefits of massage. Seattle massage schools are also regarded as among the best in the country, graduating massage therapists that are able to skillfully combine both the relaxation and the treatment aspects of massage.

Dreamclinic is proud to be a Seattle-based massage practice:
- Practicing massage in Seattle allows us to attract to our team some of the top graduates from local massage schools.
- Practicing massage in Seattle allows us to offer a valuable emerging wellness service in a city where it is understood and appreciated.
- Lastly, practicing massage in Seattle allows us to promote the highest standards for the massage profession and to continue to contribute to the general education of the population about massage.

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